Naomi K

Naomi K is from Manchester. She did spend just over three years living in California, but she is based back in the UK nowadays.

Naomi is 5'4" tall and has a 30D-26-33 figure. Naomi started modelling over ten years ago, and, unsurprisingly given her good looks and perfect body, she has become a most sought after model on both sides of the Atlantic. Not only does Naomi model for selected adult internet sites, but she has also featured in many magazines, with a number of covers to her name as well.

Naomi has also appeared in several television shows, commercials and music videos.

And as if all that isn't enough, Naomi somehow found the time to obtain a BA Hons degree in Art and Visual Culture as well!

Naomi K is also known as Naomi Kathleen or Naomi Model.

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