Holly McGuire

Holly McGuire was born on 23rd April 1978 in Grays, Essex. Her real name is Victoria Yallop. Holly has dual UK and Australian nationality.

Holly started modelling for friends when she was studying fashion and design, but was scouted by the Samanth Bond Modeling Agency when she was modelling her own designs at the London Graduate Fashion Week, and soon had modelling contracts with several household names, including Pretty Polly, Boots, Guiness and Fosters, as well as the Jordan F1 racing team.

Holly has appeared in most of the lads' mags, and also became a popular page three girl with The Sun and The Star.

Holly McGuire has herself been the subject of various newspaper reports over the years, for her romance with footballer Rio Ferdinand, and being involved in a drugs raid in 2009, to name just a couple of examples.

And talking of footballers, Holly McGuire played the part of Kelly in the soap "Footballers' Wives". Holly has been a daytime presenter on a number of the babe channels, and currently presents daytimes on Playboy TV. Holly can also been seen on the Sky Sports Betting Channel.

Holly tells me that she is starring in three new British films and that she has just signed up for a HUGE reality show! We'll post more detailed information on all of this as and when it becomes available!

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