Becki H

Becki H is reticent about her date of birth, and when asked 'Where were you born?' and 'Where do you live now?' she replied 'England' in both cases.

But Becki is not half as shy when it comes to showing off her wonderful 32C-27-35 figure! Which is lucky for us! And for Becki too, as she says that she has 'no idea' what she would do if she weren't modelling.

Becki describes herself as a happy person who loves going out, going shopping, and 'movie days'. She keeps three small dogs, and indeed animal cruelty is listed as one of the three things that really annoy her, the other two being rude people and 'when it's too windy'! Manchester United is Becki's favourite football team.

Becki H is also known as Becki Haddick.

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