Carly Ann Christensen

When you look at Carly Ann Christensen, it's hard to believe that she is 22 years old! But she is - Carly was born on 28/6/1988!

And Carly hasn't felt the need to adorn her already perfect 34C-28-35 figure with tatoos and piercings. Well, apart from one piercing on each ear!

Carly has studied Nail Services, Cabin Crew and Beauty Therapy, but her ambition is to become a sucessful model. And already Carly has appeared in several of the lads' mags, as well as The Daily Sport. I hope that Carly Ann Christensen achieves her dream.

Carly Ann Christensen is also known as Carly Ann Cole, Carly-Ann Christensen, and Carly-Ann Cole.

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