Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose was born in Essex on 3rd December, 1993. She now lives in London. Although Charlie only started modelling last year (2014), she has appeared in many publications, including Zoo magazine, the Daily Star, the Midweek Sport and the Weekend Sport. One time she was even published in the Star and the Sport on the same day! Charlie is becoming a very popular girl it seems!

Charlie says that she works out five or six times a week, not only to keep her 34D-28-32 figure in shape but also because she really enjoys it! She also enjoys horse riding and walking in the countryside. Charlie is not particularly into sport of any kind.

However, Charlie is into supercars; "fast, loud, expensive supercars" as she says puts it! Asked about her favourite movies, Charlie says all of the Fast and Furious films. And when asked about the naughtiest place she's had sex, it's no surprise that the answer was on "the bonnet of a very expensive car"!

Charlie Rose is also known as Charlotte Rose.

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