Jade Adele

Jade Adele was born on 12th April, 1990, in Cambridge. As for where she is currently based, that is a matter of speculation and differs according to which source you are referring to; I have seen London, Essex, Sussex and Hertfordshire all mentioned.

Jade Adele has modelled extensively for the 'Only' sites under the name 'Adele'. At the time of writing (18th July, 2014) there are 32 image sets and 8 videos featuring Adele available to download for members at Only All Sites. In some of these photosets Jade Adele appears alongside Danielle Wiltshire.

Jade Adele is also a presenter for Studio 66 TV.

Jade Adele is 5'6" tall, and has a natural 32DD-23-44 figure. She says that she considers her bottom to be her best feature.

Jade Adele is also known as Adele.

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