Katie Thornton

Katie Thornton was born on November 6, 1990 in Burnley. She is currently based in Manchester and London.

Katie has undergone two cosmetic procedures, one on her nose and the other her boobs. She says that both of her surgeries made her feel more confident in herself because her nose and breasts "were genuinely two parts of my body that I had grown to hate". Before getting her 1300cc saline breast implants in 2008, she was a natural D cup. She now has a curvaceous 32J-28-34 figure.

Katie started out in glamour as a model and presenter for Bluebird TV in 2009, originally under the name Tye Thornton. Katie's other accomplishments include acting, singing and dancing. She is also a proficient kick boxer.

Katie Thornton is also known as Tye Thornton.

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