Ajna Chakra

Chakras and Cosmic Ordering

Third Eye Chakra – centre of forehead – connects us to our unconscious Self, and gives us the experience of being part of the whole Universe. Helps to boost intuition, imagination, psychic powers, and increases dream activity, increases stability and rational thought and actions; decreases blood pressure and impulsiveness. Increases psychic ability and spirituality; decreases aggression and insomnia.

Under its control are: pituitary, pineal glands, spinal cord, eyes, ears and sinuses – particularly beneficial in treating cataracts, glaucoma and various eye problems. Works on: purification of the blood and of the mind, ear and nose complaints, diseases of the lungs, asthma, infantile convulsions and mental complaints. Balances the mind, removes stress and tension, helps stop endless inner dialogues and fights with all kinds of obsessions.

Anahatha Chakra

Heart Chakra – centre of chest – expression of spiritual feelings. Strengthens finance, luck and energy; reduces claustrophobia, indecisiveness and anxiety. Heart, lungs, diaphragm, breasts, circulation, breath – stimulates pituitary gland, encourages muscle and tissue building, and breaks up hardened cell masses and clots. It is anti-congestive, germicidal, disinfectant and purifying. Use this card for faithfulness, acceptance, hope, harmony, balance and generosity.

Earth Star Chakra

150 to 300 millimetres below the soles of the feet and locks your energies into a harmonious relationship with the planet and anchors the body into the time and space coordinates of the planet. The Earth Star is made of four major quadrants – earth, air, fire and water. Each element supplies elemental energy up into the body’s chakra system and aligns all of your major chakras. Secures the aura in the physical dimension and keep you grounded.

Your Earth Star goes out of alignment due to some great trauma or shock; usually issues like: death, divorce, desertion, moving house, etc will affect your energy system.

Elbow (left) Chakra

These lay down the tracks that you drive on, and store them when not in use. These chakras, on either side of the elbows, are similar in purpose to the Knee Chakras. In fact, the prayer state-bent knees, palms together (bent elbows), and lowered head-opens the devotional chakra and allows great openness to higher, more spiritual realms. The body joins in the prayer with its energy, enhancing the spiritual connection.

Blocked elbow chakras lead to great self-centeredness. The colours for this are yellow gold in colour. Complimenting crystal is rose quartz. This chakra governs and is the zone of feelings toward home and family issues. Chakras, one in each elbow, are connected to the second and third chakras. Elbow chakras are located on the inside point of the elbow; their task is to accept and limit our relations. Disturbances in these chakras show as an inability to say “yes” or “no”. The left elbow chakra controls our emotional perseverance and the right our intellectual perseverance. When someone has problems lifting at the elbow it means they have problem in lifting things in other areas of consciousness also.

Elbow (right) Chakra

The left elbow chakra controls our emotional perseverance, and the right our intellectual perseverance.

As viewed from the fingertips when the arm is stretched straight out to the side horizontally, palm up, “I am a way to the Promised Land. I try to get you to use this route, but you seldom pay any attention to me.” Contains a guide to where you want to go for what you are learning. It is the future of your path planned out. It should also be noted that both at the inner and outer elbows there are minor chakric points. The elbow chakric points are associated with one’s ability to be ‘flexible’ and there is also a relation to that of ‘ego boundaries’. There is also an aspect of consciousness associated with these areas of the body. You area of the elbows where the arm falls is located in the Solar Plexus Chakric region.

The fact is, all of us are and have been wounded on some or other level. This has resulted in a block in the flow of Cosmic Light through our knee and elbow chakras – two vital chakra sets linked to our ability to flow with life and be flexible. The elbows govern our barriers regarding relationships. The front of the foot connects to the knees and elbows in coordination with the physical body, this is how diverse the chakra system is. Never take locations for granted.

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