Here are just some reasons why we love to shop for clothes. Enjoy!

Clothes Shopping
  • Don’t assume that cheaper stores won’t have good quality, fashionable clothes just because they are not branded. You can buy double the clothes with half the money that you would have spent at a store with a ‘name’
  • Keep a watch out for bargains. Most stores have regular sales on clothes from the previous season and ‘end of the range’ clothes
  • Buy tops and pants that can be mixed and matched. That way you will have double the outfits to wear
  • Buy shoes with neutral colours and styles that can go with most of your outfits. The same goes for other accessories, like handbags and scarves
  • Clothing accounts that offer the opportunity to pay over six months can be a great shopping tool if you have the self control to use it wisely. Many women (and men) have fallen victim to clothing accounts in order to save money, only to end up spending far more than their budgets allowed
  • Making your own clothes is still cheaper than buying them (don’t sigh, I know that you are a busy women) Some patterns are so easy that a pair of pants can be made in three hours
  • A mother who loves to sew can be a great money saving tool – if you are lucky!

Clothes Shopping – Don’t You Just Love It!