Many fitness experts know that if you have to account to someone for your actions, you are more likely to stick to your goal. Picking a diet buddy isn’t easy so here are some guidelines to make a difficult task a little easier:

Diet Buddy
  • You need to find someone whom you can trust and who is honest with you. For example, you need someone who will tell you that the two big Macs you had for dinner last night wasn’t a good choice, but who won’t tear you apart either.
  • Find a person who has similar weight loss goals. If you want to lose 15 kilos and your buddy wants to lose six, you aren’t that compatible.
  • Avoid choosing someone you live with, if possible. The constant interaction and monitoring will make you feel like your every move is being watched. Instead try to choose a co-worker or close friend to help you out.
  • Choose a diet buddy whom you will see regularly. A really great strategy is to meet at the gym every morning and go for breakfast afterwards. This way you can compare notes and talk about your progress. If breakfast doesn’t work, lunch is a good alternative. If you have a regular lunch date it will be much easier for you to say no when the office goes for Buffalo wings and nachos every Friday.

You and your diet buddy should set goals and rewards for each other. When you hit a weight goal, go out and celebrate by, for example, shopping for a new outfit that shows off your weight loss and not by going out for a cheeseburger and milkshake.

Remember you and your buddy are working together to help one another reach your individual goals – you aren’t competing with each other. If you can shop for a new dress size or bathing suit don’t be smug about it to your diet buddy. Be supportive and encourage him or her. Everyone’s body is different and some people take longer to lose weight.

A Diet Buddy Can Help You Lose Weight